Lifelong globe-trotters on bicycle
(Barelds Site)

Passing through North India in 1969 we also visited the Taj Mahal
the entrance of which is shown

Our family has been travelling on their push-bikes over the whole world and through Europe.
Nelly and Henny Barelds, the parents, have cycled, about 40 years ago, in two huge cylce tours Asia, Europe, Africa, Latin- and North America.
Later as a family, Nelly, Henny and Idhuna, Tillainadan, Fernando and Hiranti have cycled around most of Europe.
The stories in this website tell about what cyclists encounter on their travels (they have mostly been published before in various magazines about cycling, travelling or tourism).
Information about cooking while cycling, it has a special dimension because of the enormous hunger cyclists usually have, with many recipes of nutritious and easy to prepare meals.